Cold Storage Warehouse Alabama

We manage our Cold Storage Warehouse facility by always striving to maintain accurate temperatures, while also maximizing input and output.

Refrigerated food items make up the majority of goods being stored in a Cold Storage Warehouse. Such frozen food is shipped globally and consistent temperature management is a top priority. Cold Storage is also needed in other industries such as electronics and pharmaceuticals. Regardless of the product, Dothan Warehouse provides the most optimal cold storage solutions in the Southeastern United States.

Keeping the warehouse cold enough for the product stored inside is a challenge in itself. However, we also strive to keep our staff and equipment warm enough to operate properly.

Daily working conditions in a refrigerated warehouse can be challenging. However, there are ways to help keep productivity unaffected by the cold. For example, technology devices can have larger buttons and ‘glove compatible’ touch screens. Such devices are also well sealed and insulated so moving from refrigerated to ambient conditions will not cause condensation build up. We also utilize higher voltage batteries in our lifts for increased life.

Customers of Dothan Warehouse can rest assured; we always strive to employ quality staff and modern technology. The combination of which, makes for reliable and quality Cold Storage for our clientele.

Please contact us today to learn more about our Cold Storage warehousing capabilities.